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Create Digital Catalog with with Stallion Publishers® is Next Generation Digital Publishing Service platform that helps clients market and distribute print materials in easy-to-read digital editions via Internet using only a standard Web browser! All digital publications are compatible with any browser on PC, Mac and on 3G/4G mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad, Windows HTC using built-in browsers like safari, Opera. If you want to distribute your publications including catalogs, brochures, magazines, newsletters or any pdf document around the world with in seconds , Stallion Publishers® will convert your printed publication into an online edition, also known as a digital magazine or e-magazine. Stallion Publishers® helps publishers provide digital versions of their magazines, catalogs, travel and other collateral. BENEFITS Create low cost online magazines, brochures and catalogs Lower printing, distribution and business costs Drive traffic to your website Increase advertising revenue Increase your circulation using a fully searchable edition Simple, Easy to Use magazine viewe Create Unlimted hyperlinks inside your publication. Link each product to product page on your website. Real-time statistics. See who is reading, see reader’s country, state, city. See where readers clicked the most. Go “Green” by reducing Waste. Save Paper-Save Trees Digital Publication Features included with digital magazine: High-Resolution Conversion with vector graphics details intact Accessible on any PC or Mac computers around the world Digital magazines are accessible on latest mobiles phones (iPhone, iPad and 3G/4G/Wifi enabled devices). Build for apple’s safari mobile browser, It will also work on latest windows, android touch devices. No App required to view publications. Hosting and Maintenance of your publications Merge digital publication in existing layout of your website Host on your own website for life Tiny Thumbnail Page Flipper for your website Create archives of all issues Linked Table of Contents Embed in Unlimited websites or send link in mass email Search any keywords in digital Publication with text highlight feature Details Search Engine Visibility – Google and Yahoo Details 300% Page Zooming with sharp fonts Details Enable/Disable Page Printing Details Send Publication link to your friends Details Pages (Thumbnail) View Details Share via Email Share on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, MSN Spaces etc. Details Zoom Control (Zoom in/out) Readers can Download PDF from Interactive Publication Details 24/7 Live Support on Chat and Phone Backend Dynamic Control Features for You: Add URL, Email and Page Jump Links Details Add Audio, Video or Youtube Videos inside pages Details Create Table of Contents Change Color Theme of viewe Change Page Titles for SEO Edit Page text for searching and SEO Protect Your PDF with Password Protect Interactive Publication and Create Subscribers Manually Sell Ebooks and Magazine Subscriptions with Paypal Branding Options Custom Brand Name/Logo – We can add your brand name instead of Stallion Publishers’s brand. To create digital catalog, Digital Magazine, Digital Brochure or convert any pdf to online interactive publication with page flip effect visit Published at:

Relevance of Catalogue in Direct Mailing Service

Direct mailing service is one of the important aspect of marketing for a reputed direct marketing company. Direct mailing service is still major factor in your cost effective marketing campaign. Direct mail marketing service is great tool for businessmen and direct marketing company across the globe to deliver a message to their potential customer. In fact many companies revolve their direct marketing campaign around good catalogue marketing. Direct-mail print catalogs are one of the best ways to make consistent sales in volume. Though many people thinks that catalogues are out of fashion and no more use for direct marketing company. Digital revolution in the form of blackberry and I-phone has decreased the importance value of catalogue. But according to many marketing experts you can not written off importance of catalogue in direct mail marketing service. Still catalogues are invaluable and important in direct marketing. So the bottom line is you can hate catalogues or you can love catalogues, but you can not ignore catalogues. So let’s see how you can make your catalogue more pro-customer as well as attractive. They say a book can judge by its cover. A same thing applies to catalogue. Attractive catalogue cover is half battle won case. First impression is last impression. Catalogue cover creates that first impression for you. Large images and bold headlines of your current achievement or product on cover page can create fantastic first impression. Your customer should get hands on information about your products through your catalogue cover page. There should be a similar pattern in page lay out and graphics into catalogue design. Consistency of layout should be there through out the catalogue. It should be a signature written all over of your style and layout. When your potential customer opens attachment of catalogue he/she should recognize your style instantly. The page layout should become your style statement. But don’t go overboard with big fonts and dark designs. Sometimes it can hurt your campaign. Don’t use more than 3 fonts. If you are using a different font on different page it will become nightmare for your potential customer. Choose any suitable color and make it your signature color. Rather than using 2-3 colors on catalogue just use one color. Use of black and white will be a marketing hara-kiri. Full color catalogue is a sign of professional and quality direct mailing service. There is one more thing you have to remember if you are using catalogue as a marketing tool. Don’t overload your catalogue with information. It should be a balance between creative lay out and content. This balance is a sensitive thing. Overload of only content can harm harmony in the balance. Direct mailing services must be careful while packing of catalogues. Messed catalogue could create a negative impression about your product. If business is a battle you have to fight with every weapon in your armory. Though for many catalogues has become thing of past, still it has importance in overall marketing process. Use this cost effective and yet relevant tool to market your product and enjoy rich dividends. Catalogue is your tool to enhance your product visibility. Published at:

Catalogue Shopping For The Perfect Cookware For Your Kitchen

Are you in the market for cookware? Are you also a person who maintains a very full schedule — do you find yourself trying to juggle the demands of work and family? Have you essentially concluded that you simply do not have time to take up an extra activities, even something which might seem simple on the surface like looking for and finding the perfect cookware for your home kitchen. If that is the case, all is not lost. There are options available to you that will permit you to purchase the type of cookware items that will best meet your needs — and you will not need to unnecessarily overload your own schedule in the process. One option that you will want to consider in your hunt for cookware when you are living life on a tight schedule is catalogue shopping for cookware for your kitchen. When it comes to catalogue shopping for cookware, you do have a number of options available to you. For example, if you are interested in high end cookware products for your kitchen and for your home, there are now some wonderful merchants that market their wares through catalogues. At the other end of the spectrum, if you are a person who wants to save money, if you are living on a more restrictive budget, there are now some excellent companies that sell a wide array of different cookware and kitchenware products via catalogues. In addition to companies that market their wares exclusively through catalogues, many major retailers in the brick and mortar world now also market their own inventory of products through catalogues. When shopping through catalogues, most companies now charge only a minimal fee for shipping and handling. Indeed, in some instances, if you purchase over a minimum amount of products, products that cost over a minimum amount of money, the catalogue vendor will charge you nothing additional for shipping and handling. In addition, most catalogue companies also provide you with a toll free number through which you can phone a catalogue merchant and order those cookware products that you desire at no additional charge to you. Finally, catalogue shopping allows for you to purchase products with a guarantee. In other words, if you receive the product and are not satisfied with what you obtain when you receive the product, you can return the cookware purchased — the merchant paying the return shipping. Published at:

Barbeque Grills Catalogue Shopping

Many manufacturers use every marketing technique that they can find to get their product into the hands of buyers. Some of these companies have found that barbeque grills catalogue shopping is a preferred method for people to use when they want to see pictures, and descriptions of barbeque grills. Other retailers use barbeque grills catalog shopping guides as their only method of sale and they have prospered through their niche in the barbeque grill market. Shoppers seem to enjoy having a ready reference guide to keep in their home of all types of grilling equipment and accessories that they can refer to any time of the day. The barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide gives shoppers other outdoor entertaining products that their family will enjoy throughout the years. In the barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide is a wide assortment of grills for the home. There are smokers, cooking accessories and replacement parts listed in these barbeque grills catalogue shopping guides too. With one handy guide in their hands, homeowners can browse at their leisure without having to access the Internet, or get in their car and visit shopping malls and local retailers and be greeted by numerous salesmen in the process. With this barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide, they could look at all of the features that were available to them. Some of the grills inside the barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide feature domed lids and a propane tank heating source. Others in this handy guide were far too big, for what the homeowner needed in a home barbeque grill because they were large enough to be used by commercial retailers at swap meets and road shows. The homeowner particularly liked the technical information that was available on all of the grills he viewed in the barbeque grills shopping catalogue. With this information in hand, he was able to form a mental picture of the barbeque grill and how it would look on his deck, where he planned to entertain people during the Summer’s months. Some of the barbeque grills were portable and others in the barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide were floor models that had stainless steel surfaces, a range lid that moved on a smooth axis mechanism, and featured a different number of grill burners on the right and left of the grill cooking area. After reviewing all of the features of the models he found in the barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide, he noticed the accessories that came with one particular model. This model featured a thermometer, seasonings and flavoring, and included woods and pellets that he could use to smoke meat if he had the inclination to do so. He had not noticed that feature when he first looked at the barbeque grills catalogue shopping guide. There were cleaning and protection products that would help him keep his barbeque grill looking new and performing like brand new after many years of use. This barbeque grill featured a grill cover to that extended over all metal parts of the barbeque grill. With all of these accessories, he could not pass up this deal, and within 5 days, a delivery truck placed his barbeque grill on his back porch. Published at:

Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue

Lia Sophia Jewelry is a famous brand renowned very well concerning the devise industry. It is indeed individual of the forces to reckon with at what time it comes to real period devise boosting especially between the women folk all finished the humanity. The Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue is indeed a real collection of wonderful devise accessories that boost the devise make-up of many ladies concerning the humanity today. The constituent of the Catalogue Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue is made up of quality devise accessories such equally necklaces, costume jewelry, hoops, undecided and rings. These wonderful products are grouped into various collections concerning the wonderful Lia Sophia Company which is indeed a conglomerate of hardworking women who engage concerning real period set of contacts sales of the unique products. The Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue include: § The Kiam children Signature Collection § The Midnight Collection § The Midnight II Collection § The Capetown Collection § The Capetown II Collection § The Capetown III Collection and § The Red Carpet Collection All these wonderful collection prepare up the unique Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue. every and all individual of these collections has wonderful necklaces, hoops, pendants, costume jewelry and rings. The devise accessories are indeed renowned to come to pass very unique anywhere they are seen. You’ll until the end of time wish for to state new of them concerning your clothes equally a woman. The Advantages of the Catalogue The wonderful Lia Sophia collections come with wonderful benefits in support of mainly women all finished the humanity. concerning the earliest place, the wonderful catalogue gives you the ample opportunity to prepare the aptly cream of the crop. You’ll state unrestricted opportunity to go for the best collection that determination suit your need. concerning statement, it plus gives you the hazard to add variety concerning your devise make-up. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. from this time, equally a fashionable woman you can until the end of time state the wonderful Sophia Lia Jewelry models concerning your clothes. Concerning the unique Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue, the Red Carpet collection is indeed very unique. at what time you come to the section of the Lia Sophia costume jewelry enclosed concerning the collection, you are trusty to take pleasure in come again? you glimpse. The costume jewelry are so beautiful and well crated concerning achieve artistic conduct that fork many women around in support of the better especially at what time it comes to real period devise make-up. Again the wonderful collections mentioned exceeding add color to the regular Sophia Jewelry accomplice being prepared by the impressive women working concerning the famous Lia Sophia Company. This accomplice unites all the customers and the indeed the various women who are working generation concerning generation available concerning the impressive company at once. all period the accomplice is held, mainly of the most up-to-date models from the company are showcased to the broadcast. concerning the final analysis, the Lia Sophia Jewelry Catalogue is available online. The very best online supermarket to locate the unique catalogue is the wonderful Lia Sophia website which is the best chance wherever the impressive women of the company link with their crawling customers. Published at: